“Hélène has proven time and again to be reliable, trustworthy and thorough in any endeavour she undertakes. Always punctual and diligent, she is a very effective consultant and often served as my liaison in numerous ventures such as restorations and sales, lending her expertise and relations in the large field of experts, appraisals and collectors.
I am grateful to Hélène for the friendship, courtesy and assistance I have enjoyed throughout the years, her diligence, knowledge, professionalism and ability resulted in a successful endeavour.”

a Parisian Collector

“Hélène van der Ven makes art sparkling and exciting. For Residence Magazine she closely follows the international art world. Every time she knows how to reveal her discoveries in a striking and tasteful way, in the magazine and during our masterclasses. Her passion and her knowledge are equally infectious for experienced collectors as for those who are starting out. We are inspired by her. I am sure our Residence readers are as well.”

– Miluska van ’t Lam, editor-in-chief Residence

“It is an absolute pleasure to visit the international art fairs with Hélène. Her knowledge and advice are undisputable and she tells with great passion. We are very happy with the photography and works of art we bought with her. It is a collection that mirrors our passion for contemporary art and we enjoy it every day.”

– a Dutch Collector

“Listening to Hélène talking about art makes me happy ! She has great energy and so much knowledge. She makes me smile listening to her. She inspires me to invest in art for the right reasons.I am looking forward to visiting Tefaf with her again”

– Michelle Buise, Amsterdam

“Hélène has advised us on selling our families’ paintings collection. Her involvement surpassed all our expectations: she handled the complete process, from the inventory and valuation of all the pieces to picking the right sale and the negotiations, communications and financial administrations with the auction house in Londen. We felt very confident to have her on our side and it has resulted in a very successful sale. We strongly recommend her services.”

– the Heirs of a Belgian collector