Chris Ofili
Confession Lady Chancellor,

The Great Chris Ofili

This month I have chosen Chris Ofili, who now has a great show going on in the New Museum in the Bowery, NYC, titled “Night and day”. Ofili, born in 1968, was a member of the Young British artists, alongside Damian Hirst and Jenny Saville. He once became famous for using elephant dung in his paintings and for the last twenty years has created a great oeuvre, inspired by topics as diverse as the Bible, Zimbabwean cavepaintings, poems by William Blake and Blaxploitation movies. This results in vibrant, meticulously executed artworks, that in my opinion glitter and swing while move at the same time. Most of the works are large and impressive, and veer from the deeply introspective to the boldly expressive.

Chris Ofili: Night and Day, New Museum, New York, until January 25, 2015.

  • Chris Ofili Afronirvana 2002

  • Chris Ofili Triple Beam Dreamer 2001-2002

  • Chris Ofili The Adoration of Captain Shit and the Legend of the Black Stars, 3rd Version 1999