PAN Amsterdam

On November 23 the PAN Amsterdam, the Dutch arts, antiques and design fair of today, starts at the Rai in Amsterdam. Over 125 participants will show the most beautiful works of art, ranging from Old Master paintings, Chinese porcelain, antique furniture, jewellery, photography, design, contemporary art and objects of far and ancient cultures. I grew up with this fair, and am still impressed by the high quality and diversity of the offerings.

Together with Residence magazine we have organized several Masterclasses at the fair called “Smart Art”. They are geared towards collecting: what to buy now, what are the best buys, what to look for we tour the fairground for an hour or so to see and discuss not only the highlights, but also the interesting, lesser known but equally special objects. So if you feel like wanting to know more about the do’s and don’ts of collecting, please go to and go to the Masterclasses page to sign up.


Alternatively, click on on the image above so we can register your interest!



  • Pan Amsterdam Photo: Bastiaan van Musscher

  • Stand Anouk Beerents, PAN 2012 Photo: Bastiaan van Musscher