Photo by Ester Gebuis

The company

We are a totally independent and discreet advisory service, to advise beginning and experienced collectors with buying and selling art. We couple a personal and accessible approach with the experience, expertise and confident handling that one may expect in the top tier of the international art world.

At my company Hélène van der Ven Fine Art Consultancy we pride ourselves in being a creative, intelligent and pro-active partner to advise you in buying and selling fine art. We operate in the field of fine arts, ranging from old master paintings to impressionists to photography and contemporary art.

As a first time buyer or seller the art world can seem daunting. We advise and guide you through the offerings of the global art market. We visit galleries, artist’s studio’s, art fairs and auctions, making selections geared fully towards your wishes. We have an eye for quality and know what to look for, keeping in mind your interests, specific objectives aesthetic taste and budget requirements.

For experienced collectors who don’t have the time to scour the field for the best buying and selling options, we take over the whole process and ensure you get the best possible deal. We make sure that your transactions, at auction, with dealers or privately, are run quietly and smoothly. You can rely on us to make the right decision at the right time. Our research is extensive and our advice is tailor made and solution driven.

In all cases we work solely for our clients and give independent, professional and objective advice. However, you remain in control of where you want to go. Throughout all this, we handle a transparent earning system.

Today’s art market – be it old master paintings, photography or contemporary art – is more international, fast-paced and accessible than ever before. There are many great art sites, auction houses, dealers and art fairs around the globe – and their numbers are still growing. The offerings and information are dazzling and although exciting, the art world can seem daunting to non-insiders. Headlines in the media about record prices at auction, stellar sales at international art fairs or rather disquieting stories about forgeries or art looting do not help when trying to establish where to go, when you are trying to build a collection or looking to successfully sell your art. That is where Hélène van der Ven Fine Art Consultancy makes the difference: not just buying or selling but feeling secure in the knowledge that you made the best possible deal.

  • Photo by Ester Gebuis